Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mr. Chubby!

Today I am grateful for the funny little things that happen each day. Often they help a long day move along. Here are few from Lehi UT:
- Julia got a new little table for Christmas that we keep in kitchen where she can eat her meals and use as a craft table. Along with the table came a pink stool and a blue chair. Yesterday she pulls out the stool from underneath the table and says, "Hey Mr. Chubby. You can sit on the pink stool for lunch." Mike has been telling me that she has an imaginary friend she calls Mr. Chubby, but I really didn't believe him- well he's right! So now the daughter of a former school counselor has a friend named "Mr. Chubby"- real politically correct!

-Luke has a new trick where you give him a piece of food on your finger and he bites at the piece of food and growls like a tiger at the same time.

-Click on this link to see a video off of YouTube that Julia thinks is very funny:

Last of all here is a first for Luke: a Mohawk!

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Tracy & Austin said...

Nice imaginary friend! Ainsleigh has some too, and by some, I mean the entire cast of Thomas and Friends. I can't even list them all, there are so many. Just hope Julia sticks with Mr. Chubby as her only one (especially because the extended list that expands from Mr. Chubby would probably be very funny, and even less PC).