Friday, January 16, 2009

Cupcakes, Tutu skirts, & a messy house!

I have been falling off the blog wagon lately. You could blame it on the fact that instead of cleaning the house, responding to email, doing the budget, or doing anything else responsible I have had a great time making elaborate cupcakes with piped candy letters or assembling pink & purple tutu skirts for an upcoming Relief Society craft night. Sometimes it feels so good to let my creative side wander and ignore the cheese sandwich on the floor from Wednesday.
Here is what I have been grateful for since Wedesday:
Thursday- A friend of mine in the neighborhood did a babysitting swap with me and it was my turn to leave my kids. This meant 2 hours of grocery shopping, visiting the post office, and hanging out at JoAnn fabrics with no children. I turned up the radio full blast- no "Wheels on the Bus" song for me! It was heaven and I am grateful for her friendship. Today is her birthday and the fancy cupcakes ended up on her doorstep!
Today- I am grateful Mike has a job right now. Mike came home tonight and told me it took him 45 minutes today just to go through email from acquaintances of his seeking employment opportunities at IM Flash. We will just save our pennies and hope for the best. What a scary time.
Check out the slide show for a few new pictures from this week.

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Teneil said...

I want to see the cupcakes and the tutus!!