Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"I don't want to go home!"

Julia wanted me to post some pictures of her in her new gymnastics class. She takes the 3 yr old gymnastics class at our local community center and loves it. At the end of her first gymnastics class she started to cry and I thought, "Oh no, she hated it". But no, no, no- she was crying because she didn't want to go home.

Mike's fishing buddy!

Last weekend we took the kids fishing at Utah Lake. Julia was a master of swinging her fishing pole all over the place and getting her line tangled. Luke turned out to be our expert fisherman. He caught his first fish ever Saturday (actually the only fish anyone caught). Mike let him hold the pole while he rigged up the other line and the next thing we knew Luke had a fish on his line. He was pretty excited and didn't want to throw the fish back. Mike was super proud, I was amazed, and Julia went back to throwing rocks in the water. Now every Saturday morning Julia wakes up asking if we can go fishing- she wants to get even with Luke and catch her own fish.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love of Balls

Here is Luke's real true love- balls! Julia was wheeling her baby all around the house in her stroller the other day, so I said to Luke, "Go get a baby and wheel it around in the other stroller". This is what he decided upon!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maren & Jordan's Temple

A few weekends ago we took the kids on a Sunday afternoon to walk the Mt. Timpanogos Temple grounds. Julia was quite disappointed that the Temple was not opened on Sunday. She couldn't understand why the people who worked in the Temple needed a day off to go to church. Her argument was this: "Why do they need to go to church when they can just go to Jesus' House everyday?". Even though the Temple wasn't opened she still thought the doors were pretty cool. What she did think was amazing was that her Aunt Maren and Uncle Jordan were married in this Temple. So now the Mt. Timpanogos Temple has a new name: "Mares and Jo-Jo's Temple". As you can see neither of the kids were too keen on getting their picture taken that day.