Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Luke!

Luke is officially 1 years old now. He really turned 1 on Friday (Jan. 23rd), but we didn't celebrate his birthday until Sunday. He loved his cake, presents, and the million times we sang "Happy Birthday". He liked Julia's singing of "Happy Birthday" the best.

Today I grateful for Maren, Jordan, Dave, & Ashley who braved the snowstorm and celebrated Luke's birthday with us. It was nice to have some Aunts & Uncles here since none of the Grandparents could make it.

Most of all I am grateful for Luke. He is our little funny man! Here are a few things I love about him:
  • He loves to say "Hi" to everyone. He usually wakes up before Julia in the morning and when she wakes up he loves to run into her room and tell her "Hi".

  • He loves to be cuddled and give hugs to Mom & Dad.

  • He is a little bit more cautious than Julia-ie.. less falls down the stairs, less bruises, and less worry for Mom.

  • He makes a great dinosaur "Roar"

  • His legs can run really fast now!

  • He is our little boy for forever who was sent from our Heavenly Father

  • Here are pictures of Luke the day he was born and at his first birthday. Check out the slide for more pictures from Luke's birthday!


Teneil said...

Wish we could have been there!!

Noel Dickens said...

Hi Les! What a great party! Luke, Julia, and Mike are lucky to have you as mother as you are so thoughtful and fun. We loved the Dinosaur cake as it is perfect for Luke.

Noel Dickens said...

Almost of luck with the fam in February!

HAYLEY said...

What a great cake and party- I LOVE the big box picture. (this is really mom)- give a kiss to the bday boy and his sister.

Tracy & Austin said...

It sure goes fast, eh? Happy Bday to Luke, and congrats to you for making it 1 year with 2 kids :0