Saturday, May 30, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Here are the Hansen household we are pretty excited about our newly landscaped garden! Julia was especially excited about her pumpkins and the possbility they could grow to 20 lbs. Mike is ectstatic about his tomato plants and the many batches of authentic Italian pasta sauce he will be making. Les smells the basil plants everyday and is researching zucchini bread recipes. Luke, well since he doesn't really eat anything besides yogurt and fruit snacks he just ignores the garden. Check back in a few months and see if we can really grow anything!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The blissful month of May!

May is always a great month here at the Hansen household. Both Julia and Mike have birthdays, kids are no longer sick, the inflatible pool is previewed for the first time in the backyard, and flips flops can be worn everyday. We've had a great birthday month with Julia turning 3 years old!!! This is great news for Mom, because no longer when people ask me how old my kids are I don't have to say 2 and 1 years old and have people look at me like I am nuts . Now they are officially 3 and 1 years old! Julia loved her princess castle cake that mom made for her and all of her presents. She was especially excited about her scooter. Two weeks before her birthday she found a $10 bill at the park and after that event she kept telling me that I needed to take her to the store so that she could buy a scooter with "HER money". A week later Mike had his birthday and had a lively party with just the four of us. We were a little bit birthday-ed out from the previous weekend and Mike was happy with his pizza and brownie cake.

Sooooo............As we end May, let me tell you my favorite things about these 2 birthday people!

My Favorite things about Julia Elizabeth Hansen

  • She is awesome at sharing with Luke and is truly a kind and loving big sister.

  • She is funny, curious, and energetic.

  • She is a big helper to Mom and is always willing to help when it is pick up time.

  • She reminds me daily that Heavenly Father loves me (and her of course!)

  • She always wants to say the prayer and loves to sing primary songs

  • She loves to wear my shoes!

My Favorite things about Mike Quiz Hansen

  • He is a mean griller and omelet maker

  • He is a huge help with the kids

  • He works very hard and supports our family so that I can stay home with the kids.

  • He is my best friend

  • He is a great teacher

  • He still loves me after 8 years of marriage!

Enjoy the birthday pictures!