Monday, April 30, 2012

Tomorrow is a big day in our house: May 1st! Julia has been counting down the days to her birthday since the beginning of April and tomorrow marks the monumental start of her "birthday month" as she told me yesterday. I'm a little bit afraid of what a birthday month entails. I'm sure lots of "I go first, since it is my birthday month" or "I should get an extra scoop of ice cream since it is my birthday month". But look at this picture of Julia, how can you just not be excited for her!

I thought I would also show off one of my latest craft creations. I have a million ideas and craft projects started and most of them unfinished but I decided to stick this one out to the end. It only took 3 trips to the fabric store with all 3 kids, a super messy house, an oil change for the car, and I think double the price if I had just bought a wreath. Anyways- here is the final out come of the craft project and the house!