Saturday, October 25, 2008

Counseling Buddies

Seven years ago Mr. Q and I moved to Boise, ID as a newly married couple. I was young, naive, and homesick as I entered the School Counseling Masters program at Boise State. There were 15 people in the program all from very different walks of life. Over the next 3 years these 15 individuals became some of my closet friends. This weekend 2 of my favorite people in that program visited me here in Utah. We had a great day of shopping at IKEA, eating lunch at Thanksgiving Point, and gabbing non-stop. I am truly grateful for their friendship and a Heavenly Father who placed these ladies in my life.

Here is what I love about each one of them:

Shauna- She is one of the most sincere individuals I know. She understands what it means to be a true friend and is so good at keeping in contact. Just being with her makes you feel special. Also... she drinks Diet Pepsi with her cereal in the morning!

Lynn-Is constantly caring for others. She is one of the most generous and loyal people I know. Her ability to listen and empathasize makes her one of the most amazing counselors I know. Also...she can entertain a 2 year old like no one else! Especially my little Julia!

Shauna & Lynn-Thanks for helping me be a better person-miss you lots-LesliAnn

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jane said...

Les- this is the greatest blog- I look so forward to reading it every day. I LOVE it- did i say that i LOVE it. Of course I love you too- more than the blog but I LOVE it too. Mom