Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6th Month Update

As you can tell blogging is not my biggest talent. So here is an update from our family over the last 6th months! Check out the slide show for new pictures. Captions can be seen by rolling your mouse over the picture.


- We took the kids skiing 4 times this winter and Julia loved it. Luke- not so much! Julia improved so much that she could even go on the chair lift this winter.

-Mike had to travel to Italy in November for work and I joined him for a week vacation at the end of his work assignment. We celebrated my birthday and an early 10th year wedding anniversary. We had an amazing time and I fell in love with Mike all over again!

-We zoomed over the holidays, spent all of January and February sick (all of us) and were finally healthy to go on a Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riveria with Grammie & Papa and the 2 great grandmas the first week of March.

- Just 6 weeks after the Disney Cruise we took Luke & Julia to Hawaii for a week in April.

Admist all the traveling Luke turn 3 yrs old in January and Julia turned 5yrs old in May. Both of them did gymnastics and Itty-bitty baseball in spring. We signed Julia up for Kindergarten in February and Luke up for his 1st year of preschool and I cried at both events! We also found out some exciting news this spring that I am expecting and the newest member of our family will join us the 1st week in October. We are all excited!

However, with everything going on this past winter and spring we still found time to just enjoy being together as a family. Mike and I are grateful for the opportunity we have to be parents. We feel extremely blessed that we have 2 healthy and active children- did you notice I did not add "normal" in that sentence. We also feel extremely blessed for Mike's talents and job. The greatest compliment I can give Mike is no matter what type of day he has at work he always comes home happy to see me and the kids.

Enjoy your summer!!

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