Saturday, November 6, 2010

Summer & Fall Updates

Here is a quick run down of the past few months:

-Had a great summer attending Hayley's wedding in NY, camping on Martha's Vineyard, and camping up in American Fork Canyon. We can say that we vacationed where President Obama vacations (Martha's Vineyard), but I doubt he visited the luxorious Martha Vineyard Family Campground. The kids loved the camping and Luke would roll over every morning and first things ask Mike, "Dad, when are we going to the beach?".

- Julia participated in a 4 year old soccer league and loved it. We were a little bit surprised on how aggressive she could be. We had to have a few talks about letting other members of her team have a chance in kicking the ball. But it was sure fun to see her race up and down the field every Saturday.

- Luke succeeded at potty training with bribes of new hotwheel cars and tell him that if he wanted to do itty-bitty basketball this winter he had to be 3 yrs old and potty trained! Worked like a charm!

- Julia was a fiftys girl for Halloween and Luke was a cowboy. Julia called her Halloween costume her poodle princess costume, since she had no idea what a fiftys girl was. Mike was a ghost buster and Les was a skeleton.

Here are a few pics: