Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 yr olds & Friends

It seemed like the day Julia turned 4 yrs old all she wanted to do was play with friends. I swear even on her birthday she woke up asking if she could have a friend come over. When we went camping in May she scouted out this little girl who looked about her same age, went straight up to her, asked the little girl to play, and they were instant friends for the rest of the weekend. She is social, sweet, good at sharing, creative, and full of energy- who wouldn't want to be her friend. But, she is my daughter- so I always think she is amazing. Anyways here is a picture of Julia and our neighbor friend Taylen. Taylen has a little sister who was born the day before Luke and they are crazy together. When you ask Julia who her best friend it is always different, but I think if she really understood what a best friend is she would say her brother. Julia and Luke are usually inseparable. They wake up asking for one another, Luke always does what Julia does, and Julia is usually the only one who can understand and make Luke happy. They run around all day being mischievous together. I hope their relationship always stays this way for them, but for right now I feel so blessed to see their little relationship blossom!

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Lynne said...

I agree and I miss them.