Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where did we go?

It seems lately that I haven't made my blog or really anything on the computer my priority. This is probably evident since my last entry was June 30th and it is currently Oct. 20th. So for the next few days check out some pictures from the last few months:

Mike and I took a extended weekend trip up to Park City without the kids. Went hiking, golfing, and even hit the outlet malls. It was great to get some us time and some good amount of sleep. Especially since I came home and got bronchiotis the following week.

-Flew back to NY with the kids to spend 2 weeks with my family.

-Luke started the Little Gym during Julia's preschool class one day a week. Luke loves the little gym and it is fun for me and him to have some one-on-one time together. Luke has a great time, running around, kicking balls, playing on the mats, and jumping off everything high thing possible. The comment I heard the most on his first day was, "Wow, your little boy has an amazing ability to kick a ball". My only reply, "Yep! Such a blessing when he decides to practice his kicking and throwing of balls in our house"

-Julia started preschool- We considered preschool a success, especially since when I picked Julia up from preschool on the first day, I asked her how it was and she shouted at the top of her lungs "Mom, we got to use glue!". My reaction- preschool is worth every piece of money, because glue, my house, and a patient mother don't mix well at my house.


Tracy & Austin said...

Glad you are back! I've been wondering how you've been doing. Isn't preschool WONDERFUL!!! :)

Amber said...

Preschool...fun! I can't believe that she is old enough to go to preschool. It's so funny because I always picture your kids as big as the last time I spent time with them. I know that they grow but in my mind they don't. :)