Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mail & Naps

Yesterday we received a package from Italy. Take a look at how it arrived:

Mike wasn't too surprised by the look of this package. Our friends in Italy who sent the picture were not too surprised either. Amazingly everything in the package was intact and nothing was lost.

Here is a picture that totally surprised me on Friday though:

Julia took a nap for the first time in months! Everyday we have quiet time where Julia spends time in room reading or playing with toys, but this day everything was quiet and this is what I found when peeking in. It was a great afternoon for Mom, however not such a great night for Mom & Dad when Julia didn't want to go to bed till 10pm.

I am grateful for those little moments of quiet in our home. They don't happen a lot, but that 1 hour of peaceful time I had to myself on that Friday afternoon made me a happy wife to come home to- sometimes Mom's need a break.

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